About Us

In the ’70s & ’80s, we worked with the Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association in Sydney, with Helen as a Fundraising Director & Rob on the Board as Finance Director. Always being conscious of the lonely & needy members of the community.

During the period 1981 to 2013, we were both self-employed.

We moved back home to Newcastle in the ’90s and to Congewai in the Hunter Valley in 2003. As members of St.Joseph’s Catholic parish, we joined the Christian Christmas Day Lunch committee. Our first lunch catered for 50 people – in 2022, we catered for 200 guests with home deliveries, pick-up & return home service, takeaways, hampers, and  ‘sit down’ guests who all enjoyed a three course fresh & healthy meals with drinks & entertainment

Due to the increased volume of lonely & homelessness in the Cessnock regions, we realized we had to do something – the opportunity suitable for an ‘outreach’ hub (6A) was offered & our ‘not for profit’ Spirit of Giving Fundraising Hub Inc. was the obvious solution, so the charity was incorporated on 22nd June 2022.

We are a ‘not for profit’ charity organization operated by volunteers. Donations $’s & ‘in kind’ go directly to our community ‘outreach’ for our disadvantaged community. $’s spent here….stay here!